Paris …

Paris… with it’s lovely streets and cafe’s. Paris…where lovers walk alongside the Seine and you can feel the amour in the air. Paris…where tourists are everywhere to be found whilst taking pictures of the Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame cathedral or the Louvre. Paris… crowded but tranquil at the same time. Paris…where art and history are to be found on every corner. Paris…where one can climb up to the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur and turn around to see the Paris skyline. Paris…where Disneyworld makes dreams come true. Paris… with it’s many, many faces. Innocent, artsy, fashionable and food heaven. You can’t resist falling in love with Paris.

Paris…November 13th, 2015 came. What should have been a typical Parisian friday night of amusement, good food, quality time with friends and family turned out to be a night of terror. So many lives were taken in the name of a religion. Every sane person knows no religion asks for bloodshed and terror. It takes a handful of lunatics to destroy a nation, to destroy faith in each other and to rip out a country’s beating heart.

Paris…The last time we met, was in 2014. I don’t know when I’ll meet you again. But what I do know is that it will never be the same.


With this post, I simply express my feelings regarding the terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov, 13th 2015. I know there are many, many more of these terrorist attacks around the world and it’s a shame that the media decides on what is important or news worthy. So I ask you as a reader, not to read this post as it’s written for Paris only but for all of the cities and places on earth where  innocent people have lost their lives. Thank you.


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One thought on “Paris …

  1. I sincerely hope people think as you do and realize that just because these fanatical idiots claim to speak for Islam doesn’t make is so. The only people to blame for these terrorist atrocities are the terrorists themselves.

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