The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 19 & 20: Roundup and the future

*drumroll* And I present: post numero 19 and numero 20. The final ones for Writing 101! I used the assignment for the roundup to share the assignments I loved. Not because they were super easy, but because.. well get on reading!

Assignment day 19: the Roundup on assignments I loved, even if they were challenging!

  • Day 3: One-word inspiration, because the post can basically capture any emotion you want to share using a single word. Loved it!
  • Day 4: A story in a single image, because it has been so much fun to read the stories posted by my fellow bloggers.
  • Day 9: Reinvent the letter format, because ..honestly .. I miss the old fashioned letters. Handwritten, stamps.. I am a sucker for those.
  • Day 10: Update your readers over a cup of coffee, because I like coffee a lot. And I think this way of writing updates is brilliant.
  • Day 12: Play with word count, because I have a lot to say. Or not. And this assignment can be a pain in case I have zero inspiration.

Assignment day 20: the Future

And there it is.The last unread email in my mailbox with the final assignment from the team at Blogging – U. Talk about what’s next.

Am I happy I registered to participate that evening when I accidentally stumbled upon the Blogging U page? Yes, I am. Am I going to miss the daily emails with the assignments? Yes, I am. Am I sad that the course ended? Yes, I am. So now what? Yes, I am. Huh.. wait, what?

Yes, I am.

I am here to write about whatever I feel writing about, I am here to publish my pictures so I can show you the world as I see it, I am here to read the posts of other fellow bloggers I met during the Blogging and Writing 101 courses, I am here to find out about and learn from more experienced bloggers, I am absolutely in love with my blog again! To be continued!

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