The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 17: Mine your own material

October 1st, 2011

I woke up today and was feeling energized and happy. And sad. All at the same time. Today is the birthday of a special person. My uncle reached the blessed age of 75. I wasn’t there to celebrate, as I live in the Netherlands and my family lives in Suriname. So all I could do, is wait until it was a decent time to call him and congratulate him. This man is as energetic as you can be at that age. Even though I don’t call my aunt and uncle that often, my mother tells me that he asks about me all the time. How I am doing, when I will be back for holidays and in case I am ill what he can do to help. My uncle, always available to help with his private supply of medicine. He always knows what to do when you have an allergy, when you are sick from fever. Just from experience, he has a very rich experience.

My uncle started his own taxi company in 1961 in Suriname. With just one car, this man started up a business and his company was the first one to have a limousine a few years later. It might not mean much for people nowadays, but trust me, it was huge back then. For such a little country, he was the man! He was a self-made business man and a proud one.

When I was teenager, I used to spend the weekend or school holidays at my aunt & uncle. Alone or with my siblings. I remember when I used to stay over at their house, I would play the cd’s of the old bollywood singers and he would sing along. He even published a vinyl LP with friends back in 1983, if I remember correctly.

Uncle also loves to go fishing with my dad and other uncle. Even grandma joins them for fishing. It’s a sport I don’t understand to be honest, but ah well what floats your boat 😉 They go out as early in the morning as possible (when it is still dark outside, between 4 and 5 AM when normal people sleep) and drive to the middle of nowhere to go and sit down and fish. Trust me, they have the most hilarious stories to tell once they make their way back to the city.  And the fish, well it varies. It’s the experience that counts. Another passion he has (and with him all the men in the family) is soccer. He can get so emotional (not crying emotional, but passionate like he was playing) when the match didn’t result in what he hopes for. As do all of the soccer fanatics I suppose.

Ah well, it’s time to call him and wish him a fantastic birthday. I hope he enjoys.

October, 1st 2015

Dil ka dard na jaane duniya, jaane dil tadpaana

~aankho me jo aansu aayenge
tasvir teri dikhlayenge
hum tham ke dil rah jayenge~

It’s been a few years since you have left us all behind. I know you had a blast on your birthday in 2011 and you enjoyed it and appreciated it to meet everyone who came over to wish you a happy birthday that day. I couldn’t be there that day and I couldn’t be there when you passed away. I couldn’t be there at your funeral. And it hurts. This physical distance hits me like a brick in my face. It cuts like a knife, not being able to be there for your loved ones when they need you the most. Not being able to comfort anyone, not being able to hold your daughter tight and tell her how much she is loved.

Happy birthday uncle…love you and miss you.

February, 2016

I know that if you’d been here with us, you would have made sure to send your princess off with her prince in style. The closer the wedding date gets, the heavier the feeling in my chest gets. That feeling that tells me that it will be an emotional rollercoaster for us. But we will get through it all, together as a family. We will make sure we send her off like you would have done. Rest in peace, we love and miss you.

One thought on “The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 17: Mine your own material

  1. We will always remember you uncle ,
    you were the one that made it possible for us to see some of the best days in our life and we will always remember you for that.

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