The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 16: Search your stats for a post idea

The assignment for day 16 was to use the stats for a post idea. I liked the suggestion to do something with the stats on countries and where my visitors are from. It seems that my top 3 countries are: USA, Singapore and the United Kingdom. I’ve been to the USA for a week on holidays and I’ve worked and spent a few holidays in the United Kingdom. Singapore, hope to visit one day 🙂

I decided that this post would be dedicated to London. The city where I worked for almost 4 years and I loved it. I started this blog because I wanted to show the world to my readers as I see it. So I share with you *drumroll* my five favorite pictures of an iconic landmark in London across the river Thames. I present the Tower Bridge! I’ve seen this baby in good weather, bad weather, during the Olympics in 2012, day and night. It’s a beauty with an interesting history. If you ever visit London, you cannot miss it! I miss you London 😦




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