The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 13: Compose a series of vignettes

” Can you please buy me ice cleammmmm ?”, she asked her daddy. She could barely peep across the counter, but her little eyes were sparkling. She squeezed her daddy’s hand. “I plomise daddy, I’ll be vewwy sweet.” Daddy smiled. How could he refuse his little princess, she would be so upset if he would say no. “Which flavor sweetie?”, he asked. She was quiet and you could see her thinking. Her face and hands were pressed against the window. ” The chocolate daddy, of couws the chocolate!” Daddy smiled and asked for a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a cone, she would absolutely love it! Her first ice cream.

“Can you please buy me ice cream?”, she asked him and shyly looked away. Oh dear, did I just ask him to buy me ice cream?? WHAT was I thinking?? GOD!! He’ll think I’m such a stupid girl! Don’t blush, don’t bl.. Oh thank you, I’ll have chocolate please”  He is so good-looking, I just love his style. I think I am in l.. “Thank you, I hope it didn’t cost too much?” Uh,what is happening in my brain..jeeeez get it together!! He is holding my hand! “whoops, there goes my ice cream … and your shirt! I’m soooo sorry!” I’ll disappear in thin air like.. now! 

“Can you please buy me ice cream?”, she shouted out to Lacey. It was so crowded at the festival and so bloody hot. It was her first time at a festival with Lacey. She could jump in a bucket of ice now, just to cool down a bit. “Flavor?” “CHOCOLATE!! in a cone! Careful Lace!” Lacey came back with two cones, one chocolate and one mint scoop in each cone. “Thought you have to try something new dear, you’ve never tried anything else.”, Lacey said. “Yeah, I know why now I’ve ruined my tastebuds with this horrible mint flavor girl!” She checked her pockets for some change to give back to Lacey. “Here you go Lace, do me one favor. Once I finish my chocolate, can we switch please so I can have yours as well?” They bursted out in laughter.

“Can you please buy me ice cream?” she asked him whilst pulling him closer. Her fingers caressed his face. “I’m not in the mood for grand desert”, she whispered in his ear. “Chocolate, vanilla?”, he asked. “Honey, chocolate, vanilla, any other flavor?”, he asked again. “I’ll have chocolate, to go please”, she said. “I’ll have two chocolate ice-creams to go please”, he said to the waiter. He grabbed her hand under the table. “Ready to go upstairs honey?”, he asked. “I can’t wait”, she responded.

“Can you please buy me ice cream?” she asked whilst looking at the pond. The ducks were making quite some noise but she loved being outside with Lily and Layla. “Grandma, let me wrap that scarf a little better. You shouldn’t catch a cold here now should you?”, Layla said. She smiled and let Layla play with her scarf. “I just hope your mommy knows what flavor to get sweetheart. Otherwise you will have a lot of ice cream to eat.” “Of course I know your favorite flavor mom, I’ll get you mint”, Lily said. Layla started laughing. “Mommy, noooo. You know grandma hates mint! She loves chocolate.” Layla gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “You love chocolate, don’t you grandma?” “Yes dear, I always have and always will”

*Photo credits: Alex Jones via Unsplash

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