The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 11: Make a prompt personal

Home turf

For someone who has lived a few years packing and unpacking every week because of work related travel, I know that there indeed is no place like home. But what defines ” home” for me?

During those years of traveling, I always made sure my hotel room felt comfortable. I would pack my snuggle pj’s and ask if the hotel provided slippers. I hate the feeling of the carpet under my bare feet and it is also more of a hygiene thing, as hotels are not the most clean places to be. I also carried enough stuff with me to create my mini – spa at the hotel: body scrub, bath soaks, face masks. Heaven after a long day at work!

I stayed in the same hotel for almost 3 years, so at a certain point in time the hotel staff knew which rooms I preferred, so they tried to make me happy by providing a nice room. One more thing they started doing is providing a “home cooked” meal during my stay. I love Indian food and the chef and most of the staff were Indian. So when I got fed up of the menu, I spoke to the staff about it. They had a word with the chef and the next week I was there, they proudly informed me that they would cater food for me and would make sure I had plenty of choice. And boy, I did. I got to choose from dishes which reminded me of my short holiday to Kerela, India. Needless to say I gained a few pounds, at that time I was ok with it though.

I usually stayed from Monday till Thursday, then flew back to the Netherlands. My home in the Netherlands, where I also have the comfort and food. But what’s more important: I have love. My boyfriend, my friends. That feeling when I open the front door and step into the hallway. Where I drop the suitcase on the floor, yell ” honey, I am home” and whisper ” hello house, did you miss me too?” Honey walks to the hallway to give me a hug and a kiss. The house feels warm and comforting, this is what I enjoy.

Sipping coffee together with J. on the couch under my pink blanket. Watching the sun set behind the buildings, whilst checking in with my friends and my parents back in Suriname over the phone. That’s home.

3 thoughts on “The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 11: Make a prompt personal

  1. Hey Sav, I enjoyed your take on this prompt. I wrote on the same one. Home is such a nice place to be, isn’t it! Especially so when you’re under a blanket.


    1. Hey Laura, thank you for taking the time to read 🙂 PG tips addict is it 😉 I used to work on a project in the UK for the manufacturer of PG (not advertising) so I am used to the British way of tea.. exactly like you described it!


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