The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 8: Be a good neighbor and Expand a comment

The habits of a good blog – neighbor (is that even a word?).

Blogging 101 – Be a good neighbor and leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

I not only read posts here and there, as they pop up in my reader feed, but I also add comments in case I feel it is required. Ok, I have to admit I do sometimes just say “Great post” but from now on I promise I’ll give more feedback and explain what I liked in particular. I have not come across posts (yet) where I feel the need to offer a counterpoint, I did however share my theme frustrations with a fellow blogger and asked another blogger why she did not use a theme she seemed to like.

What I did come across and really enjoy reading are the posts of :

  • simplymarquessa. Her writing triggers visual images in my mind and it’s like watching the story unfold in front of me. If you like fictional stories, I encourage you to visit her page 🙂
  •  koolitzable , whilst reading her comments on my post recently. Jessy seems to be a very lovely lady with a good sense of fashion (looking at her profile pic) Although she might have joined recently in the blogging world, as she says in her ” About me” page, I quite like her writing.

I am sure the list will grow, as I am hoping to find a few photography blogs with pictures that make my brain malfunction (in a positive manner).

Writing 101 – Expand a comment.

A while ago, I commented on Roberta Briffa’s post on the assignment of day 4. We were asked to write a story, based on a single image. Roberta wrote a lovely post, using a picture she initially marked as not to be used on her blog. I will not say much about the content of the post (as I hope it encourages you to go over and take a look at her blog), but her post made me comment about the pictures we mark as not useful ending up on the blog in a way we would not imagine.

Whilst browsing on her blog, looking at the pictures of the delicious food experiments (the chocolate ones in particular) makes me wonder if I should have asked her to share more of her pictures which she marked as “not to blog”. Her food pictures seem fantastic to me, so maybe I can learn from her how to take pretty food pictures? Aside of trying out recipes and getting fat whilst tasting each and every one of the chocolate recipes of course.

So here it goes:

Dear Roberta, would you mind creating a post with a few food pictures you marked not blog worthy? I would love to see the pictures and learn from them 🙂


Roberta’s blog should be in the list above as well, but if I did that I would not be able to write my Writing 101 assignment. .. I think..Only females listed in my Blogging 101 assignment,  I didn’t do that on purpose . They are just great in blogging 🙂 And the featured image has nothing to do with the content of this post. I just like it. 

5 thoughts on “The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 8: Be a good neighbor and Expand a comment

  1. OMG! Thanks so much for that! What a lovely thing to say. I’m honoured. I totally discarded that picture and swore never to use it. I’m so glad that it did though! Thanks again. And yes, I think I will go through that dreaded folder and pick some other photos from it. I’ll write a post about it when I find a few! 🙂

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