The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 6: The space to write

The space to write

Sounds quite amazing (in my mind): a space, solely created and dedicated for those who would like to write. Oh gosh, I wish I had enough space to set up a dedicated spot where I could just plug in the laptop and start typing away. As a pro.

*poof* (reality kicking in here)

I can write everywhere really, like my sister can sleep everywhere.

At home, in a crowded coffee bar, at the office during breaks (obviously), sitting behind a desk with my legs crossed (until I need to get my dose of caffeine ), in the car, in the plane, in the garden, any public area. As long as I have pen and paper (or a smartphone), I can write. And coffee, lots of coffee. I don’t necessarily need a laptop to jot down the many things that I think about the moment I open my eyes and jump out of bed. Well, I don’t jump.. it’s more of a crawl to the bathroom and splash cold water in your face kind of awakening. Drifting off here.

I don’t have any particular writing habits, I just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. For the writing assignments, I start typing like a lunatic and you can hear nothing else then my nails pounding on the keyboard. Once I am done, I take a moment to read what I have written and sometimes I change the text a bit or add/delete parts.

What I don’t appreciate, is being disturbed when I am the writing flow. Silly questions in particular (ie. would you like to eat or drink something) might receive an evil eye, trust me it is better to leave me alone. It’s the same thing I have with reading. Don’t try to peek over my shoulder whilst I am in the reading flow, I can seriously kill you. But no, no particular writing habits.

As for writing equipments, I actually prefer the pen and paper, as my handwriting has become worse and worse since I started using the laptop and smartphone. It’s like my hand does not remember the days I had to write out assignments for school or those summaries I used to write for all the books we needed to read. Yes, I was a professional summary writer those days. Now, when I grab pen and paper, my fingers and wrist start tingling as they are not used to it anymore. I hate it, as I used to have a neat and girly handwriting I was proud off. But I won’t give up, I can still get it back!

So, to summarize: I can write anywhere, as long as I am not disturbed and I have access to coffee. I like the pen and paper method, but smartphone or laptop will do as well. Sounds quite sane.

To end this wonderful post, we have been asked to insert a poll or contact form on what to write about to gather ideas for future assignments.

As I am new to contact forms, I’ll give that a go. I kindly ask you to fill in the form below to let me know what topic I should write about and then hit the submit button.

Looking forward to your responses,



One thought on “The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 6: The space to write

  1. Hallo, I enjoyed reading your post. Not submitting via contact form as no idea what to suggest but your menu bar at top of screen looks like it has interesting topics so I’ll be back to browse when more time 🙂 cheers


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