The blogging / writing 101 assignments – Day 2: Title, tagline and things I like

Ok, let’s do this!

Five minutes ago I was sitting at the table, thinking to throw away the laptop or not. My boyfriend would have killed me for throwing the laptop, as I am using his *lol* What caused my frustration? I am unable to figure out how I can use the Gazette theme as it is shown in the demo. But I will get there, I have no doubts about it.

Moving on to today’s assignments for Blogging and Writing 101:

As I explained in my first assignment, I didn’t come up with the title of my blog. I did think about a nice logo that would cover the feeling I want to share with you about the blog. After a trial or 2 (more like 5,6) I came up with the current logo and added a lipstick kiss to it as that shows my love for make-up. I also use this logo on my pictures as a watermark.

The tagline was a different story, a difficult one to put together. Why? My head is spinning at the moment, too many topics flying around. I came up with “View the world as I see it” as my intention is to post the pictures I have been taking till now. Reading the email @michellewebber sent, I wonder if my tagline will get lost in the sea of “musing about thoughts”. Time will tell  🙂

Things I like, Things I’ve learned, Things I wish

The writing assignment for today is about a lot of things. I could have chosen one of the above to start writing a list but I believe they are linked. As an example (rather silly one): I like make-up, I’ve learned how to put on eye-liner and I wish I could get a killer winged eye-liner done once in my life with adding false lashes. All by myself! (guys, go and google in case you don’t know what the hell I am talking about)

Anyway, sticking to the assignment (kind of):

Things I wish:

  • I wish that my state of mind goes back to it’s usual self (pre- burnout)
  • I wish that I can find a way to travel as often as possible and take pictures of everything I can possibly take pictures of
  • I wish I can celebrate my birthday in a couple of months without getting too tired
  • I wish I get lovely gifts on my birthday (of course)
  • I wish my boyfriend keeps loving me like he does
  • I wish that I can wake up soon one day and be well rested, energized and motivated
  • I wish all of the above come true

Don’t give up hope, I suppose that is the thing I wish for 🙂

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